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Here comes summer! Find FUN!

Fun is not a four-letter word. But for a reason unknown to all but circus clowns and roller coaster designers, adults graduate from childhood and somehow forget everything we know about having fun. Let this serve as a reminder for remembering the thrill of a tent pitched in the backyard, the thrill of yelling […]

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Life 101 – The Spartan Race

If you’ve never heard of the Spartan Race, check it out! Scott, our friend Zoey, and trainer Greg Gomez powered through 9+ miles of mountain climbing and 20 obstacles (including lake swim, 20′ rope climb, and 750′ mud crawl beneath barbed wire) to finish in 3 hours. My favorite moment was a mom & […]

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My New Book is OUT!

Let’s get personal! There’s a lot of talk about marriage these days. And about who should and should not be doing it. In my opinion, any two people willing to say I DO through thick, thin, and frequent gassiness, should be committed.

Want a laugh? WATCH THIS tiny teaser of my new book.

“a […]

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Life 101 – My sweet Pop

I had the joy of having two amazing grandfathers. My PaPa passed away a few years back. He was always looking to have a good time, enjoy every day. He smiled and greeted every person he passed on the street in his small town of Woodruff, South Carolina. I definitely inherited my sense of […]

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Holidays – Ho ho ho!

Back in the days when we owned a restaurant, I liked to suit up. But when I grow up, I don’t think I could ever be a mall Santa. According to a survey of the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas, whose many members sit on thrones at 1,130 malls in America, Santas are […]

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Life 101 – Birthdays

You’re as young as you act… I mean feel. Today’s my birthday and that always brings about a lot of thinking. Age, as they say, is just a number. And, as I say, mine is unlisted. Ha! But I do think Abraham Lincoln’s Life 101 thought about age is the best, “In the end, […]

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Gardening 101 – Vineyards

I believe that everyone should be growing something… (besides older!) Here’s why: a plant teaches you moderation (not too wet, not too dry), offense & defense (cayenne pepper to ward off nibblers), patience (slow growers) and payoff (flowers and fruit anyone?) Scott and I planted a vineyard at Edgewater Farm two years ago and […]

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Talented Kids – Support Dance!

Years ago, I starred as Pinocchio in the national bus and truck tour. (I’m not lying!) The memories of the adventure are as blurry as the photo at left (find me!) Lowlights: I got shin splints from all the wobbly dancing, our bus got stuck in a blizzard in the Rockies, and I missed […]

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Life 101 – Advice for Grads

I went to the graduation party last night of a good friend who is about to enter Princeton. He asked for my best advice for success. Here’s what I told him: My Life 101 Top 5 things to ensure success: 1) Be curious. 2) Be open to new opportunities. 3) Be honest and ethical. […]

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Life 101 – In 20 Years

Well, well, well… I had a computer glitch (trackpad gone bananas) and for the last five days have felt like a druggie without his fix! I’m back, but I’ll tell you being without my lifeline left me feeling anxious, agitated, and aged… like 20 years! Which brings me to today’s fun and games. If […]

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