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Here’s to the Holidays!

Now’s our chance to throw some sparkle around, have some fun, and show the people you care about that you love them. I wish you and yours the happiest of hohohos, the merriest of moments, and the excitement of a New Year. Grab a copy of my book Merry Christmas America. In it, I […]

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Pet Fun – Go Dog Go! Show

Don’t you just love things that celebrate the underdog? I had fun judging the Go Dog Go Show at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center this past weekend. The yearly dog show, presented by Pause Dog Boutique, gives a chance for ALL dogs to be a winner no matter who their mom or dad was. The […]

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Pet Fun – Go Dog Go! Show

This Sunday I’ll be judging the 2nd Annual “Go Dog Go” Show at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie. This event celebrates the underdog – regardless of pedigree or level of talent – and supports animal rescue and advocacy. Divisions include Bad Hair Day, Most Mysterious Heritage, Celebrity Look-a-Like and more. Last year’s Best […]

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Life 101 – Talented Friends

One of my Secrets to a Happy Life is “celebrating the talents of others.” And I love that I have some talented friends. Congrats to Paul S. Heath, the artist known as DumbWon, on his new show at Keegan Ales (home to delicious craft brewed beer including the famous “Mother’s Milk”) in Kingston, NY. […]

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What I’m Doing – My Next Book

After the fun of our last book, my pal Westminster has been working (for treats!) to help me finish my new book. And he’s cracking himself up. The new book has already got tongues wagging in NY gossip columns, but won’t be out until March. More on that soon…. In the meantime, Westminster wanted […]

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Pet fun – Vote for Wes!

Westminster loves good FUN and helping a worthwhile charity as much as I do. That’s why he’s asking for your vote! In honor of the memory of her beloved Lucky, our friend Wendy Diamond is hosting the FairyTail Wedding of the Century to help bring awareness to canine cancer, animal rescue and welfare, and […]

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Pet Fun – Treats!

Westminster today decided on our walk that he was going to “his store.” He gets a definite look in his eye and leads the way for the few blocks, so he can run in, belly up to the bar, and ask for a treat. We buy American made, all natural treats. Why? Because according […]

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Gardening 101 – Vineyards

I believe that everyone should be growing something… (besides older!) Here’s why: a plant teaches you moderation (not too wet, not too dry), offense & defense (cayenne pepper to ward off nibblers), patience (slow growers) and payoff (flowers and fruit anyone?) Scott and I planted a vineyard at Edgewater Farm two years ago and […]

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What I’m Doing – Modeling!

Okay, two #didyouknow about me in a week… one more, and we’ll have a trend. But I did some modeling today. Well, Westminster and I did. We took shots for a marketing campaign of my favorite bank: Ulster Savings Bank. I’ll show and tell when that is done, but for now, I got a […]

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Pet Fun – The Rubber Chicken

A gorgeous day in New York City brought lots of people to the park, including Westminster, his rubber chicken, and me. Without fail, when we take the rubber chicken for a walk, we get attention and, more, we make people smile, laugh, (and point.) In turn, we have a good time. Wes even seems […]

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