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For me, great design is first and foremost about comfort. Comfort isn’t complicated or fancy. At my house, I want you to put your feet up! So, the first thing I did when I bought Edgewater Farm is add on a big, cozy porch.
Bringing back to life the old dairy farm and bungalow colony one room at a time has been fun…

…and included lots of shopping for cheap and gorgeous treasures at garage sales and second hand shops!

Tributes to history are important too. I paid homage to the hard work by turning the property’s old hand-dug well into a fountain.

And I turned the old barn foundation into a koi pond.

Renovating a condemned 1864 saloon/brothel building into my first restaurant, The Rosendale Cement Company, was a labor of love. It was named the “best restaurant west of the Hudson River.”

For my second restaurant, The Alamo Mexican Cantina, I took a historic lumber yard and peeled back the years to reveal its brick walls and huge timbers. I added glitter floors, aged metals, and Mexican finds to create the ultimate party spot.

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