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Screen Shot 2014 03 19 at 5.55.02 PM 400x400 Are you following #Life101 FUN?I’m having a good time and want you to as well! Are you following me on Twitter? On Pinterest? And on Facebook? I’m posting decorating ideas, inspiration, and how you can make your life easier, prettier, cheaper, and better everyday. Follow along! Can 40,000+ friends be wrong?!

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My Unlicensed Marriage – A WINNER!

living now cover 400x400 My Unlicensed Marriage   A WINNER!Happy to say that Moving In: Tales of an Unlicensed Marriage is a WINNER of the 5th annual “Living Now” book awards, celebrating must-read books that encourage better living. Moving In won the bronze award in the relationships & marriage category. I’ll take it! The award gives me street cred as I continue my efforts to convince Scott we can’t go into winter without a new hot tub! If you’re in a relationship, what’s your current BUDGET battle? (And please don’t mention a debt ceiling!)

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Halloween – My Kitty Litter Cake

Screen Shot 2012 10 23 at 12.47.59 PM 300x188 Halloween   My Kitty Litter CakeIt’s almost Halloween, so let’s go camping… I mean CAMPy. For your Halloween displeasure and for grossing out your friends, Lizz Winstead and I whipped up for one of my personal favorite things to take to dinner parties: My infamous Kitty Litter Cake. Yep, I know what you’re thinking right now… that Rachael Ray better hide her cat and you want to invite me to dinner. Aren’t you?! Trick or Treat!

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Aunt Jean’s Cook Off!

Screen Shot 2014 09 08 at 3.13.38 PM 400x400 Aunt Jeans Cook Off!
When British Chef Michael Hales came for a visit, Aunt Jean set out to prove that American food takes the crown. Will it be the English Cheese and Onion Pie or traditional American Mac-n-Cheese that wins the day? And what can Aunt Jean do with a weenie?
Screen Shot 2014 09 08 at 3.36.35 PM1 400x400 Aunt Jeans Cook Off!
Special thanks to my Aunt Jean who has been helping me keep the balls in the air this summer while I’ve been finishing The Sell: The Secrets of Selling Anything to Anyone, my new book with Million Dollar Listing star Fredrik Eklund. (Please do an author a favor and preorder a copy!)

CLICK THE RECIPE at left to see it in FULL PAGE mode.
Aunt Jean says you’ll love her pie! It’s her old family recipe.

Wishing you a delicious fall!

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Bruce takes Today show saling

Screen Shot 2014 08 13 at 10.17.00 AM 400x400 Bruce takes Today show salingThe Today show asked your garage sale guru to share tips to help you walk away a happy shopper. “If you are serious about it, look on Craiglist, in the newspaper, and on garage sale websites that aggregate all the local sales to get a general idea of where you’re headed first,” says Bruce Littlefield, lifestyle expert and author of Garage Sale America. You can also avoid wasting time at a dud of a sale by scouting from your car. “If you see multiple people walking away from a sale and they don’t have anything in their hands, it’s time to turn and run,” Littlefield says. Find all my tips here.

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Bruce in NY Pets Magazine

Screen Shot 2014 06 17 at 11.59.56 AM 400x400 Bruce in NY Pets MagazineWestminster and I are thrilled to be the cover boys for NY Pets Magazine. The story, FINDING WESTMINSTER: Discovering another place in my heart, is one in which all dog friends might identify and perhaps one you don’t often hear discussed. It begins: My furry best friend died on a Saturday morning in bed at our country house. My beloved Jasper’s final hours and heartbreaking aftermath will never be forgotten, but what I gained from the experience will always be remembered…. Grab your copy at your pet store or read more (and see the fun pictures!) at NY Pets Magazine.

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How to Be a Perfect Host

Screen Shot 2014 06 12 at 4.54.07 PM 400x400 How to Be a Perfect HostHad the pleasure of joining Maureen Anderson on her radio show Doing What Works. Since it’s summer and I love a good party, she wanted to know my thoughts on how to be a good host. From our conversation, she’s culled a few ideas for Huffington Post. Naturally, it all starts with a bar. “Bruce says the first thing his guests see when they show up is a bar. If they want to mix a drink, they help themselves. If their favorite thirst quencher is Dr. Pepper, they’ll find plenty on hand. “People naturally congregate around a bar,” Bruce says. The ice has been broken.” For all the ideas, click here.

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Better Show – Garage Sale Tips

Screen Shot 2014 05 21 at 2.25.49 PM 400x342 Better Show   Garage Sale TipsToday’s fun on the Better Show included my tips on how to host a money making garage sale AND how to find TREASURE at one. I love being on with Emmy nominees JD Roberto and Rebecca Budig. To me, they are what hosts should be: interested, cheerful and FUN. Question is: What did I find at a garage sale for Rebecca that almost made her cry? (And no it’s not the half used tube of Preparation H someone was selling last year!) WATCH HERE!

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Gardening — Secret to Happy Living

Screen Shot 2014 05 13 at 11.59.47 AM 400x400 Gardening    Secret to Happy LivingAudrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” I couldn’t agree more. One of the things that got me through the hard winter was knowing the tulips I’d planted were working below ground to spring forth. One of my secrets to creating a fabulously happy life is to put my hands in the soil as often as possible. I’ll admit I’ve got an addiction. To me, tending to plants (even one!) is life reinforcing and proof that miracles do happen. #Life101 tip: Do yourself and your family a favor, make a spot for gardening. It’ll bring you joy, teach you patience, give you hope, and your life will grow along with it.

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Aunt Jean – Not to be Outdone!

Screen Shot 2014 04 16 at 8.28.26 AM 400x350 Aunt Jean   Not to be Outdone! Here comes Peter Cottontail… and Aunt Jean’s caught him. Join Aunt Jean (and her two unsuspecting foils) as she raids a henhouse, fights the crowds at Wal-Mart, dyes her eggs with shaving cream, and flirts with Mr. Electricity. Yep, she’s hopped up with ideas that might make you crack up in Aunt Jean’s Eggstra Special Easter. Watch here.
DISCLAIMER: No chickens or contractors were harmed in the making of her special.

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Happy Easter EGGstravaganza

Rebecca and Bruce 381x400 Happy Easter EGGstravaganza It’s Easter and it’s time to think outside the basket! I had a great time with the gorgeous Rebecca Budig on The Better Show finding clever ways to hop into Easter. Watch here. We show you some unusual ways to decorate eggs (including my shaving cream dye), fun ways to create theme baskets, and gorgeous centerpieces like my Peep de Resistance! By the way, why did the Easter Egg hide? … He was a little chicken! Wishing you a HOPPY Easter!

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Spring – Home Sweet Home

Screen Shot 2014 04 01 at 12.03.59 PM 400x400 Spring   Home Sweet HomeI love Robin Williams quote, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’” And there’s nothing like a little spring crafting on The Better Show with host JD Roberto and co-host Sandra Lee. I dropped by with some fun tips on how to become friends with your home this spring. Watch the segment and see how Sandra Lee takes crafting to new heights. And you’ll definitely want to know my secrets to paint, lighting, handiwork, organization and dreaming big. And find out the absolute thing every home MUST have to make home sweet home.

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