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Bruce On Air with Ryan Seacrest

You might have recently read on HuffingtonPost how Ryan Seacrest rescued me while I was skiing in Deer Valley. If not, read it here. OR take a listen to Ryan and me talking about it on his radio show today. It’s a painfully funny story. You gotta love that guy… not just because […]

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American Fun – Vintage Halloween Costumes

Extra-super creepy vintage Disney.

We’ve only got 11 days to figure out our Halloween costumes! These days costumes are all about hot celebs and pop stars (how many Lady Gagas will we see this year?) but once upon a time, the creepier the better. I love this slideshow of legitimately creeped-out costumes. Unicorn […]

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American Fun – Internet Cuteness

The sheer cute factor of these otters might make everyone want to run out and start saving oceans or join PETA. Huffington Post has a slideshow of angry otters that is guaranteed to make you smile today. Trapped in your cubicle? At least you’re not this little guy. In other news, pitbulls are also […]

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