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Bruce on Good Day New York

I had some fun on Good Day NY recently with Rosanna Scotto, Greg Kelly, and MSNBC’s Alison Stewart. (Check out her new book: JUNK.) We had ourselves a New York City street sale, raising money for charity. Rosanna wanted to know my #1 secret for buyers to get good deals at sales. That […]

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Garage Sale – Treasure Hunting!

As I’ve said, “There’s treasure in them thar hills!” Perhaps this summer you’ll join me on the hunt? Did you hear about the family that sold a 1,000-year-old Chinese bowl they bought for a few bucks at a NY garage sale for $2.2 million at Sotheby’s?! They’d been displaying the “Ding” bowl from the […]

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Bruce takes Today show saling

The Today show asked your garage sale guru to share tips to help you walk away a happy shopper. “If you are serious about it, look on Craiglist, in the newspaper, and on garage sale websites that aggregate all the local sales to get a general idea of where you’re headed first,” says Bruce […]

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RIP – World’s Oldest Yard Saler

As we end the year, I received sad news. My dear friend, Wini Williams, passed peacefully in her sleep at the age of 96. Wini was featured in my book Garage Sale America as the “World’s Oldest Garage Saler” and was seen with me on several of my Today show garage sale adventures. (That’s […]

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Garage Sales – Treasure filled weekend

Treasure is out there! If you’re willing to hunt.

I’m finding that in this economy people are continuing to clean out their houses looking for valuable things they can drag to the lawn and sell! If you’re in the northeast, don’t miss this weekend’s Stormville Airport’s Ultimate Yard Sale and the first weekend […]

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Garage Sales – Antique Roadshow treasures

I hunt without a gun.

We garage sale hunters are out each weekend looking for treasure. Writer Jonathan Berr has a great piece about the Antiques Roadshow on AOL’s Daily Finance. It’s a fascinating piece about a fascinating show looking for fascinating pieces. Many of the items that are brought to the show are, […]

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Holidays – National Garage Sale Day

We’ve read recently about all the garage sale buys that people have taken home and discovered they are worth a fortune…like the woman in Omaha who bought a chair at a garage sale and got home to find $3000 stuffed in its cushions. That’s a fantastic payday. I garage sale much for the […]

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Garage Sale – Find of the Week = Batman!

Garage Sale find expected to grab $40,000 at auction. (AP)

Holy smoke, Batman! A Batman No. 1 comic book that was discovered hidden in an old dresser bought at a garage sale in the early 1970s is going up for auction this week. According to MSNBC, the original garage sale buyer, Ron Jaeger, […]

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Garage Sales – Bruce on Star 93.3

A weekend hunting treasure.

This morning I was on my favorite Hudson Valley radio station, Star 93.3, talking great garage sale finds with the fun Mark Bolger and sassy Kimberly Kay. (Vote for her on Regis & Kelly’s guest host competition!) Mark asked me what my weirdest garage sale find was of all […]

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Garage Sale – Find of the week!

$200 million return on $45 garage sale grab.

Rick Norsigian is my kind of garage sale shopper. He bought a collection of 65 glass negatives at a garage sale for $45. Today, his find–a never before seen collection of photographs by Ansel Adams–will go on display in California. They are estimated to be […]

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