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Garage Sales – Antique Roadshow treasures

I hunt without a gun.

We garage sale hunters are out each weekend looking for treasure. Writer Jonathan Berr has a great piece about the Antiques Roadshow on AOL’s Daily Finance. It’s a fascinating piece about a fascinating show looking for fascinating pieces. Many of the items that are brought to the show are, of course, heirlooms-family hand-me-downs that the prideful owner would never think of selling. But there are others that are hoping their old paintings, family Bibles and china tea cups (the most popular items brought to the show) will be the one worth a small fortune. Incidentally, a collection of jade from China was valued at $1.07 million — making it the first million-dollar appraisal on the show. Um, I have a jade elephant I found at a garage sale. What is the “biggest treasure” in your home?

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