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Life 101 – Election 2012

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a once in a lifetime election going on this fall… right now! We ALL must do our American duty and vote for The Price Is Right’s first male model. (For pop culture fans, I had a male model as one of the “Beauties” in my 1990s play Game$how.) […]

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Gossip! – Ho Ho NOOOO!

This is either a joke of universal proportions or a sign of the Apocalypse! Right? Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta can not, would not, did not make a Christmas album! Did they? And… if they did, what toddler did they hire to use a Sharpie to color in Travolta’s hair? And… speaking of hair, […]

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Go Dog Go! Best in Show!

Meet Best in Show at the adorable Go Dog Go show this weekend. The show, sponsored by Rhinebeck’s Pause Dog Boutique to benefit HeARTs Speak, was absolute FUN. My fellow judges, Kathy Stevens from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary and Dr. Pia Salk of, and I picked him in the “cutest” division and he […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, love. Or, as Billy Crystal put it, “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” That’s love. I’m wishing you and yours love today. That you find it, feel […]

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Holidays – Groundhog!

Happy (?) Groundhog’s Day, the day Punxsutawney Phil climbs out of his burrow in Pennsylvania at 7:20 a.m. in front of a crowd of 40,000 visitors to predict whether winter will “end” early. Today, he scurried back inside, indicating we’ve got another 6 weeks. But, um, he’s accurate only 39% of the time, which […]

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American Fun – Pac-Man Reality Show

Attention all Pac-Man lovers! (Wait, is there anyone who didn’t love playing that game?) The beloved arcade game of the ’80s is being resurrected – as a reality-TV show! In honor of the game’s 30th anniversary, Merv Griffin Entertainment is working on a new show that would bring Pac-Man to life. So what should […]

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Pop Culture Pop-Up – Human Tetris

French-Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond is pure genius. His video performance pieces take pop culture icons and turn them into performance spectacles. Watch his interpretation of the game Tetris played by real human-beings sitting in an auditorium and shot stop-motion. I guarantee you’ll be a new fan and want to visit his site NotSoNoisy to […]

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Life 101 – A smile a day in 2011

As we head toward New Year’s, I thought I’d post one of the most iconic commercials of all time and suggest you join me in resolving to make at least one person smile a day in 2011. I don’t believe resolutions should feel overwhelming, impossible, or cause you to starve or go thirsty. More […]

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Famous Dogs – Lassie

You could always count on Lassie. And Lassie #2. And Lassie #3. And so on.

Whether it was a fire in the barn or a neighborhood kid who’d fallen through thin ice, you could count on Lassie, one of pop culture’s most famous dogs. Lassie’s character is based on Eric Knight’s short story, […]

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American Fun – Cookie Monster

Hey Lorne, let Cookie Monster host Saturday Night Live!

Sesame Street is getting so clever. Tell me how to get to pop culture mainstream! First, there was that Katy Perry boobie thing, then I hear Lady Gaga is going to do the Muppet movie… and today the Street has posted video of Cookie Monster […]

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