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Bruce in Boston Herald

The Boston Herald asked for my best garage saling tips, including “What NOT to buy?” I avoid: • Cribs and car seats: “Safety requirements change… You don’t want to put your child at risk in anyway.” • Mattresses: “Mattresses are gross, and (they can have) bedbugs. Icky, icky, icky.” • Tools with frayed electrical […]

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Fun on Good Afternoon America

I had a ball… a Bocce ball… on Good Afternoon America. John Elliott & Lara Spencer are doing an amazing job of putting fun back in the afternoon, and I must say that Lara and I were separated at birth. We both are addicted to garage sale shopping. She’ll brake for ’em. I’ll camp […]

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Saling 101 – Curating treasures

Every Saturday morning of the summer you’ll find me tooling about town with a cup of coffee and pocketful of ones to see what I might find at garage sales. One of the greatest joys of “saling” is putting the pieces of the puzzle together–collecting and curating–to give something a look. At left is […]

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Giveaways – What is this?

For me, garage saling is a treasure hunt, an educational adventure, and the happiest of all star-spangled exchanges. “I want what you don’t want, but how much don’t you want it for?” I always say there’s something neighborly about being invited into someone’s yard and encouraged to paw through their stuff. And allowed to […]

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Garage Sale 101 – Dress it down

Garage Sale Season is officially open and I was out this weekend hunting. Want to remind you treasure hunters that you want to dress not to impress! It’s Garage Sale 101: Don’t step out in expensive shoes or wear designer label clothing. Dressing high-end is a billboard that says: “Charge me more. I have […]

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American hype – Face + Book

Okay, okay. I admit it. I got caught up in the excitement and bought some stock today. I bought it basically for a few pennies less than where it closed… so, woo hoo… profit! It’s rare for me to do something like that, but hey, I figured Facebook is definitely something I use. Plus […]

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Garage Sales – New economy

My garden cart is a garage sale find. I adore it and think it has so much more character than something new out of the box. I think with the economic times we find ourselves in ($5 gallon gas!) and all the talk about being “green,” this summer will see more garage sales than […]

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Bruce Talks Garage Saling

Today, the inimitable Cindy Adams featured me as her NY Post column’s “Only in New York” line: “RECORD citywide garage sales coming. At Da Tommaso ‘Garage Sale America’ author Bruce Littlefield: ‘People who before never dreamt of one will have several to raise cash.’” I do believe that… and it’s not only in the […]

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Decorating – Imperfectly perfect

I’ve had amazing fun decorating Edgewater Farm with vintage garage sale finds. It’s imperfectly perfect. I showcase lots of gorgeous, inexpensive, and easy decorating in my book Garage Sale America. My goal with every purchase is to buy things that make me happy and make my home feel comfortable. There’s no “get your […]

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Bruce on

Thanks to the Yard Sale Dude for posting on his blog one of my fun visits with Amy Robach on the Today Show. Yes, it’s the one that I joked about her shoes. First off, I love Amy. Secondly, as I stare out the window at the tundra that is the Northeast, I’m longing […]

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