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In Loving Westminster

With the heaviest of hearts we want to tell you friends that heaven got a little sweeter this week. Our beloved Westminster has passed. He was a light in this world. There are many wonderful memories that fill our hearts… from the moment we found him in a rescue van outside the Westminster Dog […]

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Dog Days of Summer

These are crazy times we’re living in. With all the chaos in the world, my goal this summer is to find things that bring joy to the world. Joy isn’t in the things we have, but in the things we do. I’m going to spend the summer being grateful, enjoying playing with my furry […]

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Bruce in NY Pets Magazine

Westminster and I are thrilled to be the cover boys for NY Pets Magazine. The story, FINDING WESTMINSTER: Discovering another place in my heart, is one in which all dog friends might identify and perhaps one you don’t often hear discussed. It begins: My furry best friend died on a Saturday morning in bed […]

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Gossip! – Wes & Bruce Go Banking

Since Citibank made news today, thought I’d tell you why I left Citibank after 20 years. I found Ulster Savings Bank… a bank that remembers my name, always has a treat for Westminster, and personally looks after my finances. Life 101 Advice: Find a local bank with friendly people that gives you personalized service. […]

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Pet Fun – Treats!

Westminster today decided on our walk that he was going to “his store.” He gets a definite look in his eye and leads the way for the few blocks, so he can run in, belly up to the bar, and ask for a treat. We buy American made, all natural treats. Why? Because according […]

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What I’m Doing – Modeling!

Okay, two #didyouknow about me in a week… one more, and we’ll have a trend. But I did some modeling today. Well, Westminster and I did. We took shots for a marketing campaign of my favorite bank: Ulster Savings Bank. I’ll show and tell when that is done, but for now, I got a […]

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Pet Fun – Doggie Drivers

Look out New York, Westminster got his driver’s license today and he’s already barking at me to let him drive the Mustang. The site MyPetDMV fell in love with The Bedtime Book for Dogs and voila, Westminster is a certified “driver.” So cute! Get your cat, dog, or parakeet one.

var hupso_services_t=new Array(“Twitter”,”Google […]

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Life 101 – Special Delivery

When I was a little kid, I always loved running to the mailbox. It was the days before Facebook, and I had pen pals all over the country. (Do kids still have pen pals?!) These days, the mail generally means one thing: bills.

But when the UPS truck rumbles down the driveway, it […]

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Holidays – Fourth of July

It’s July 4th, the day we Americans celebrate freedom and independence with barbecues, fireworks, and drinking a lot* of beer. (*Independence Day is the day the most alcohol is consumed in the U.S.A.) But just so we’re all clear, King George thought we Americans were revolting. By the way, how much do you know […]

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Bruce & Westminster in NY Post

Westminster and I are thrilled to be featured in today’s NY Post. We pawsotively appreciate Amanda Greene’s “Tall Tails” and the accompanying photo by Astrid Stawiarz. Westminster’s favorite part is the sit down one-on-one interview he had with Amanda. Check out the article and The Bedtime Book for Dogs…. If you love your dog, […]

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