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Life 101 – Birthdays

You’re as young as you act… I mean feel. Today’s my birthday and that always brings about a lot of thinking. Age, as they say, is just a number. And, as I say, mine is unlisted. Ha! But I do think Abraham Lincoln’s Life 101 thought about age is the best, “In the end, […]

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Life 101 – Rules of Fun

I have something to tell you. Fun is not a four-letter word. But for a reason unknown to all but circus clowns and roller coaster designers, adults graduate from childhood and somehow forget everything we know about having fun. Life 101 advice: Let this summer be a time in which you remember the thrill […]

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Pet Fun – The Rubber Chicken

A gorgeous day in New York City brought lots of people to the park, including Westminster, his rubber chicken, and me. Without fail, when we take the rubber chicken for a walk, we get attention and, more, we make people smile, laugh, (and point.) In turn, we have a good time. Wes even seems […]

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