Life 101 – In 20 Years

Well, well, well… I had a computer glitch (trackpad gone bananas) and for the last five days have felt like a druggie without his fix! I’m back, but I’ll tell you being without my lifeline left me feeling anxious, agitated, and aged… like 20 years! Which brings me to today’s fun and games. If you want to see how you might look two decades from now go to and upload a photo of yourself (or your love). It will either leave you laughing… or rushing to have a consultation with Dr. FixaFlat. From the looks of mine, I’m going to end up bloated with dental problems. Oh, and if you’re in to gossip… check out today’s Cindy Adams column in the NY Post. (Apparently, I was spotted against the wall in a “gender neutral” bathroom…)

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