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Gossip! – No comment!

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Life 101 – In 20 Years

Well, well, well… I had a computer glitch (trackpad gone bananas) and for the last five days have felt like a druggie without his fix! I’m back, but I’ll tell you being without my lifeline left me feeling anxious, agitated, and aged… like 20 years! Which brings me to today’s fun and games. If […]

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Gossip! – Cindy’s back in town!

Yay! Cindy’s well!

All summer long I said my prayers for Cindy Adams. The Post had ominously written on June 2 that “Cindy Adams is unwell.” It was worrisome. People whispered, is Cindy in a contract dispute? (I appeared in her last column on May 19 entitled “Nothing Fazes Wawa.” Was it something she […]

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