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Life 101 – The Spartan Race

If you’ve never heard of the Spartan Race, check it out! Scott, our friend Zoey, and trainer Greg Gomez powered through 9+ miles of mountain climbing and 20 obstacles (including lake swim, 20′ rope climb, and 750′ mud crawl beneath barbed wire) to finish in 3 hours. My favorite moment was a mom & daughter team trying to get over an 8′ wall. Mom decided this obstacle was the end of the race for her, but our team stopped and helped her up and over the wall. What a metaphor for life. Everyday we encounter someone who needs a little help up… whether literally or just a smile. Offering them that might be the best part of your day, and when YOU need the hand, I KNOW it’ll be the best part of your day. Here’s to a week keeping an eye out for where you can make a difference.

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