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American Icons – Cher

Today, because of a young 16-year-old named Ella Henderson, I get to talk about one of my favorite icons, the one-named “Cher.” If you haven’t seen Ella’s tear jerking performance of Cher’s #1 hit “Believe” on X Factor, it’s a MUST WATCH. Americana fact: Did you know that Cher is the only female performer […]

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Talented Kids – Support Dance!

Years ago, I starred as Pinocchio in the national bus and truck tour. (I’m not lying!) The memories of the adventure are as blurry as the photo at left (find me!) Lowlights: I got shin splints from all the wobbly dancing, our bus got stuck in a blizzard in the Rockies, and I missed […]

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Gossip! Daily Show behind-the-scenes

A lot of great things are being said about Zach Wahls. During his appearance this week on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart said of our new book, My Two Moms: “This is a wonderful book. You will love it, you will weep at times. It is an incredible demonstration of the power of real […]

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Life 101 – Inspiration

Want to be inspired? Listen to Zach Wahls. This weekend he made an impressive (TWO standing ovations!) speech before a sold out crowd in NYC for the GLAAD Awards. His speech kicked off the night and was both funny and moving, and set a wonderful tone. I think Zach stole the show, but we […]

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Gossip! Zach Wahls book

So, last week while putting on a mask, I had a brainstorm about my new book MY TWO MOMS with Zach Wahls. I ran out to the dining room and sat down at the table with Zach and we discussed the idea for about an hour. (…Um, he never mentions that I have a […]

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What’s Up with America?

In 11th grade my study of the Hamadryas baboon won the behavioral division of the state science fair. I introduced toys into their African environment at the zoo and charted the effects in the “big love” baboon society. (Male leader controls up to 10 females and their young.) I was thrilled today to […]

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Life 101 – Halloween candy

Halloween is a dentist’s favorite holiday. Why? Would you believe that over $2 billion is spent each year on Halloween candy?! That’s a whole lot of scary cavities. But since you’re going to run out and buy some (and be judged by the kiddies), let me tell you that chocolate candy bars are rated […]

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Life 101 – Free advice

I just returned from my home state of South Carolina where I spoke to more than 600 of the state’s young journalists at the South Carolina Scholastic Press Association’s 75th Anniversary. (More on that soon.) What a treat it was for me to see all the bright-eyed (and hip-clad) students. Seems that lots of […]

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Happy Memorial Day

Today, like you, I pause to salute those who have served this country so that we may live free. I’m thankful for their bravery and their willingness to put themselves on the line for others. In tribute to all our veterans and service men and women (and Westminster reminds me of military service dogs […]

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The Bedtime Book for Dogs

The average dog knows 167 words. Your dog is probably smarter than average!

Introducing a first of its kind: the book to read to your dog before bed. The Bedtime Book for Dogs is a charming story about a dog who decides he’d rather walk to the park by himself than wait […]

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