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Here comes summer! Find FUN!

Fun is not a four-letter word. But for a reason unknown to all but circus clowns and roller coaster designers, adults graduate from childhood and somehow forget everything we know about having fun. Let this serve as a reminder for remembering the thrill of a tent pitched in the backyard, the thrill of yelling […]

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American Pets – Happy dog

Did you know that you can find a dog in approximately one in every three American households? And there are “rent-a-dog” companies in Japan that charge between 10 and 20 dollars an hour for a dog. Why? A dog has but one request, Love me. And yet gives and gives. All a dog wants […]

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Pet Fun – Pets as Celebrities

Michael Jackson & Albert Einstein want a treat.

I love a good laugh almost as much as I love a good dog. Check out these pet celebrities who are avoiding the paw-pup-razzi! And it’s always a good time to bark about Bestfriends Animal Society who is guided by a simple philosophy: kindness to […]

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Life 101 – We all bark for…

Westminster recently asked me if he could go to England. I thought it might be to sniff out the Abbey, but then I heard about this: a doggone smart entrepreneur in England is serving up doggie ice cream in flavors to make you bark. Chicken flavored ice cream served in a wafer cone with […]

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Dinner Party Talk – Doggie Dye Jobs

Lions and Tigers and Dogs, oh my! Would you? Could you? According to the Daily Mail (where you can see Chows that are dyed to look like pandas!), apparently the latest craze in China is doggie dye doos, recrafting your pooch to look like other animals. The Chinese are quick to unleash bizarre […]

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Pet Fun – Sydney Dog Concert

From one of my favorite New York performance artists, Laurie Anderson, and her rock legend hubby Lou Reed comes the single greatest concert ever. Pooches of all sizes put their paws together in Sydney last weekend for–you guessed it (or maybe you didn’t)–a dog concert. Anderson describes the 20-minute piece she wrote for the […]

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