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What I’m Doing – Modeling!

Okay, two #didyouknow about me in a week… one more, and we’ll have a trend. But I did some modeling today. Well, Westminster and I did. We took shots for a marketing campaign of my favorite bank: Ulster Savings Bank. I’ll show and tell when that is done, but for now, I got a […]

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Life 101 – Advice for Grads

I went to the graduation party last night of a good friend who is about to enter Princeton. He asked for my best advice for success. Here’s what I told him: My Life 101 Top 5 things to ensure success: 1) Be curious. 2) Be open to new opportunities. 3) Be honest and ethical. […]

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Life 101 – Rules of Fun

I have something to tell you. Fun is not a four-letter word. But for a reason unknown to all but circus clowns and roller coaster designers, adults graduate from childhood and somehow forget everything we know about having fun. Life 101 advice: Let this summer be a time in which you remember the thrill […]

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Holidays – Memorial Day

Westminster and I’ll take a beach day, even if it’s foggy. We’re hoping your Memorial Day Weekend is filled with sun and fun (and no traffic to get stuck in on the way to where you’re going like we did!) Hey, did you know that Memorial Day was originally known as “Decoration Day” because […]

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Gardening 101 – Back up plans

When I was a kid, I sang, “Here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush. Here we go round the mulberry bush, on a cold and frosty morning.” Yep, I sang it as an adult, too,… until this year when, rather than springing to life, my weeping mulberry seems […]

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Gossip! Daily Show behind-the-scenes

A lot of great things are being said about Zach Wahls. During his appearance this week on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart said of our new book, My Two Moms: “This is a wonderful book. You will love it, you will weep at times. It is an incredible demonstration of the power of real […]

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Gardening – Forsythia

I think every yard should have some forsythia. I always look forward to its yellow blossoms ushering in spring, and am often found traipsing through February snow to cut branches to bring them inside and “force” them to open. Groundhog be damned! This year, I didn’t have any snow to contend with and the […]

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Quick Fix – CD cleaner

Okay, okay, I know. Who has CDs anymore? Well, I do. Thousands of ’em. And on my “To Do” list for several years has been downloading them into my iTunes. I’ve finally begun the project and have found numerous CDs scratched. The cure for 90% of them has been quite simple. Quick fix: Wash […]

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Gardening – The Bird House

While you’re thinking spring gardening, think about a bird house (or three). They aren’t just for decorative purposes! I’m going to put mine up this weekend for the early birds. (Proving the old adage: “the early bird gets the condo.”) Why should you try to attract birds to your garden? 1) They are a […]

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What’s Up with America? Facebook!

Go ahead and friend me on Facebook and see what happens if you de-friend me. Nothing. Some people take Facebook way too seriously. In unbelievably tragic news, a Tennessee man is charged with murder after killing a couple who deleted his grown daughter on Facebook from their friends list. According to police, Marvin Potter’s […]

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