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Aunt Jean Gets Her Tree

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Holidays – Happy LEON day!

Ho Ho Ho! Or should I say “oh, oh, oh!”? Today marks exactly six months until Christmas. In “Fun speak” that’s LEON day (or NOEL spelled backwards). So, you can either haul out the holly OR get started on your Christmas shopping! Since I love full disclosure, I’ll admit there’s one aluminum Christmas tree […]

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Merry Christmas America!

I don’t know about you, but boy are these busy times. I’m on deadline finishing a book. In the meantime, enjoy this tale from my book, Merry Christmas America:

My first memory of Christmas is of electric lights—electric being the key word. I was three years old, tinkering with lights beneath the bottom […]

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Bruce on CBS Early Show

One of my favorite holiday traditions: looking at Christmas lights! For my book, Merry Christmas, America! (on sale at Amazon) I toured the country and climbed up ladders with America’s best Clark Griswold’s to find out why they do what they do. I stopped by the CBS Early Show a few year’s back to […]

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What I’m Doing – Bruce in New York Times

Photograph by Marilynn K. Yee for NY Times

Sunday’s New York Times featured a story by Vivian Toy about the conundrum faced by buildings in New York City in holiday decorating. It is a Herculean effort to be fair and balanced to the variety of beliefs. The piece, The Tinseling of the Lobby, featured […]

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