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Life 101 – Holiday Decorating

My first memory of Christmas is of electric lights–electric being the key word. I was three years old, tinkering with the lights beneath the bottom branches of a scrawny fir in my grandmother’s living room. In rural South Carolina, trees were plucked from wherever they could be found, and my grandmother typically found hers […]

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Bruce on CBS Early Show

One of my favorite holiday traditions: looking at Christmas lights! For my book, Merry Christmas, America! (on sale at Amazon) I toured the country and climbed up ladders with America’s best Clark Griswold’s to find out why they do what they do. I stopped by the CBS Early Show a few year’s back to […]

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Catch me on CBS EARLY SHOW

Oh, those lights!

Let’s talk lights! Lighting the tree is one of those things that can divide families. Any divorce court judge will privately tell you “Irreconcilable differences” really means “light fight.” First, there’s the white or colored debate. Then, there’s technique: stringing or strangling. Then, just as you kiss and make up beneath […]

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