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Aunt Jean Gets Her Tree

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Better Show: Perfect Stockings

Catch me on The Better Show with the fabulous Brooke Hogan Friday, December 19, showing how to give the perfect stocking. Stockings give you the chance to think of the individual and what they like and make it special for them. I believe all stockings should have a something sweet, something neat, something fun, […]

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Holidays – Decorating Tips

So, after decorating Edgewater Farm, my New York City apartment, and the building lobby, I can now say I’ve untangled lights for a week. In my next life (when I come back as a genius engineer), I’m going to create lights that hang themselves. I dug one of my Today Show Christmas appearances out […]

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Holidays – Happy LEON day!

Ho Ho Ho! Or should I say “oh, oh, oh!”? Today marks exactly six months until Christmas. In “Fun speak” that’s LEON day (or NOEL spelled backwards). So, you can either haul out the holly OR get started on your Christmas shopping! Since I love full disclosure, I’ll admit there’s one aluminum Christmas tree […]

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Life 101 – So long Christmas

Some of you will think I’m crazy. Others will nod knowingly. I’m hunkered down at Edgewater Farm this week writing, writing, writing on deadline for my new book. And everywhere I look, there’s the “one last thing” Christmas decoration that I forgot to put away. Last night, I finally succumbed to saying “see you […]

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American fun – Puppy presents

I hope your Christmas was fantastic. If you’re on the East Coast there’s a happy possibility that you’re snowed in today. So, enjoy the fun and check out this adorable collection of some of the cutest, happiest, puppiest gifts around. If this doesn’t make your heart glow, you better get it checked. And then […]

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