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Holidays – Happy July 4th!

Today we celebrate our freedom. “IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776…The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events,…” Our Declaration of Independence and fight for freedom has continued to be an inspiration for oppressed people around the world. Let’s never forget we are “endowed by our […]

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Life 101 – Learn Something New

My theory on happiness includes doing things that keep life fresh and exciting, even if it scares me a little. I’m always the guy who’ll raise my hand to volunteer in a crowd. Why? Because the sweat dripping from my armpits makes me feel alive! I had the opportunity to train with the legendary […]

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Holidays – Memorial Day

Westminster and I’ll take a beach day, even if it’s foggy. We’re hoping your Memorial Day Weekend is filled with sun and fun (and no traffic to get stuck in on the way to where you’re going like we did!) Hey, did you know that Memorial Day was originally known as “Decoration Day” because […]

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American icons – Disco Queen

Donna Summer, the “Queen of Disco,” has died at 63 after a battle with cancer. I remember in elementary school my friend Tammy winning two copies of “Hot Stuff” (on 45!) in a radio contest. She kindly gave me one and I listened to it over and over again on my turntable. Yep, ‘memba […]

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American hype – Face + Book

Okay, okay. I admit it. I got caught up in the excitement and bought some stock today. I bought it basically for a few pennies less than where it closed… so, woo hoo… profit! It’s rare for me to do something like that, but hey, I figured Facebook is definitely something I use. Plus […]

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Gossip! Daily Show behind-the-scenes

A lot of great things are being said about Zach Wahls. During his appearance this week on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart said of our new book, My Two Moms: ‚ÄúThis is a wonderful book. You will love it, you will weep at times. It is an incredible demonstration of the power of real […]

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My Two Moms with Zach Wahls

Meeting and working with Zach Wahls has made the last year a true blessing. Zach is incredibly intelligent, kind, and courageous… a 20-year-old who is a sterling example of a good human being. His speech before the Iowa Legislature became YouTube’s most watched political video of 2011, and for the right reasons: yes, he […]

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American Fun – The Oscars

I went to the Oscars with The Artist (aka the star seller of Manhattan Real Estate…). I thought the night was a better than average year (unless you were Ryan Seacrest), but maybe it’s because I won the Oscar pool and walked away with a pocket full of cash. I thought Billy Crystal’s opening […]

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Happy Memorial Day

Today, like you, I pause to salute those who have served this country so that we may live free. I’m thankful for their bravery and their willingness to put themselves on the line for others. In tribute to all our veterans and service men and women (and Westminster reminds me of military service dogs […]

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American Icons – Elizabeth Taylor

I feel all the time like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Rest in peace Dame Elizabeth Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky Taylor. In addition to her beauty, her acting talents, and her White Diamonds perfume, we must also remember the two time Oscar winner for her humanitarian efforts as […]

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