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Life 101 – Learn Something New

My theory on happiness includes doing things that keep life fresh and exciting, even if it scares me a little. I’m always the guy who’ll raise my hand to volunteer in a crowd. Why? Because the sweat dripping from my armpits makes me feel alive! I had the opportunity to train with the legendary Philippe Petit, the French high-wire artist who gained fame for his wire walk between the Towers of the World Trade Center. If you’ve never seen the film about his quest, Man on Wire, I highly recommend it. Not only did he walk between the skyscrapers, he danced and even lay down on the cable! With that in mind, here’s my Life 101 Advice: Always grab an opportunity to expand outside your comfort zone. You might discover you like the adventurous you. And, yes, I did walk a high-wire with Philippe Petit!

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