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Oscars – On the radio with Rita

If you’ve been following along, I’m often asked to comment on American culture. One of the things that I like so much about our big events — The Grammy’s, The Superbowl, The Oscars — is that those spectacles bring us all together on friendly territory as one nation under pop culture. These are the […]

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American Fun – The Oscars

I went to the Oscars with The Artist (aka the star seller of Manhattan Real Estate…). I thought the night was a better than average year (unless you were Ryan Seacrest), but maybe it’s because I won the Oscar pool and walked away with a pocket full of cash. I thought Billy Crystal’s opening […]

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Dinner Party Talk – For your weekend


Oscar Wieners. It’s Oscar weekend, people. The Super Bowl for non-jocks! This year there are ten best picture nominees. Though the Oscar will go to “The King’s Speech,” wouldn’t it be fun if “Toy Story 3” pulled an upset? By the way, accidentally type “Oscar Wiener” into Google and it’ll suggest “Oscar Winners.” […]

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