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Holidays – Happy July 4th!

Today we celebrate our freedom. “IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776…The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events,…” Our Declaration of Independence and fight for freedom has continued to be an inspiration for oppressed people around the world. Let’s never forget we are “endowed by our […]

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Quick Fixes – Party Decorations

This post is packed with good advice. This week, I volunteered to decorate a restaurant for my friend Barbara Corcoran’s son’s graduation party. Advice #1: Check out ABC’s Shark Tank stars advice for entrepreneurs. I may be biased, but I think Barbara’s is the best. Advice #2: If you need something done, always ask […]

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Life 101 – Have a Party!

Summer is upon us and what do we want? To let our hair down, people! Get our groove on! You know… Summertime, where the living is easy…and FUN. Have you planned a party? Here’s my advice: plan one! My Life 101 party plan: 1) Pick a date. 2) Invent a cocktail… (or steal my […]

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Life 101 – Advice for Grads

I went to the graduation party last night of a good friend who is about to enter Princeton. He asked for my best advice for success. Here’s what I told him: My Life 101 Top 5 things to ensure success: 1) Be curious. 2) Be open to new opportunities. 3) Be honest and ethical. […]

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Life 101 – Rules of Fun

I have something to tell you. Fun is not a four-letter word. But for a reason unknown to all but circus clowns and roller coaster designers, adults graduate from childhood and somehow forget everything we know about having fun. Life 101 advice: Let this summer be a time in which you remember the thrill […]

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American icons – Disco Queen

Donna Summer, the “Queen of Disco,” has died at 63 after a battle with cancer. I remember in elementary school my friend Tammy winning two copies of “Hot Stuff” (on 45!) in a radio contest. She kindly gave me one and I listened to it over and over again on my turntable. Yep, ‘memba […]

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Life 101 – Easter Fun

Somehow the Easter Bunny always finds me. Last night, while dining at La Cunard in Kingston with friends, including the lovely and dear Mary Niblock (at left), the Easter Bunny hops by the window, right in the door, and comes over to our table with hugs and fun for all. I love a good […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m one who lives by the Life 101 philosophy that anytime there is opportunity for celebration… jump in and make it fun. To me, St. Patrick’s Day is a time to plop a green wig on my head and go galavanting with a gaggle of similarly greened friends. Whether it’s a simple shamrock on […]

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Life 101 – LaughFest

Speaking of rubber chickens, last year to kick off Gilda’s LaughFest (named for the late comedienne Gilda Radner) in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, a crowd of revelers gathered to break the Guinness Book of World Record for most tossed rubber chickens. Those cluckers tossed 925! This year 607 peeps gathered to set a new […]

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Happy Leap Day!

Did you know that the odds of having a birthday on February 29th are one in 1,461? Yet there are four million people worldwide with February 29th as their birthday. So, let me take this opportunity to wish all of those “leaplings” a very happy birthday. Perhaps they are all partying in Anthony, Texas, […]

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