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Gossip! – Bruce in Daily News Gatecrasher

Frank DiGiacomo’s Gatecrasher today in the New York Daily News features a funny story. Last week, while recording the audio version of our new book, the ever-playful, unabashed Barbara Corcoran stripped to her skivvies because her shirt was making noise… And, um,…

Bra-vo Barb! Real-estate guru Barbara Corcoran was recording the audio version of the new book she’s written with Bruce Littlefield, “Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 Into a Billion Dollar Business” when, a source tells us, she became perturbed that her blouse was making noise as she moved. So, the insider says, Corcoran removed her frock and finished recording in her bra.

If you know Barb, you know it made for a fun afternoon! Check out the book and catch Barbara in her new season of Shark Tank, premiering Friday, March 25 on ABC.

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