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Gossip! – Bruce in NY Daily News

Bruce and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran… and a real shark!

I swam into the Shark Tank and got eaten alive. Well, at least I lived to tell about it and read about it… Today, NY Daily News’ Gatecrasher column had a fun item about the launch party for Shark Tales, my new book […]

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Gossip! – Bruce in Daily News Gatecrasher

Frank DiGiacomo’s Gatecrasher today in the New York Daily News features a funny story. Last week, while recording the audio version of our new book, the ever-playful, unabashed Barbara Corcoran stripped to her skivvies because her shirt was making noise… And, um,…

Bra-vo Barb! Real-estate guru Barbara Corcoran was recording the audio version of […]

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Gossip! – Bruce in Daily News Gatecrasher

Set your kids up to make you a Valentine keepsake.

Yesterday on MSNBC I talked the DOs and DON’Ts of Valentine’s. (At left, DO set your kids up to get crafty!)

In today’s New York Daily News, Frank Digiacomo’s Gatecrasher offers up a fun backstage moment between the outrageously talented Johnny Weir and […]

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