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Life 101 – Behind the Scenes

Enjoyed meeting Jenni Pulos, star of Bravo’s Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis on set of the Better Show (Airs: 3/17-Check listings. NYC on Hallmark.) Jenni has a new book, Grin and Bear It: How to Be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way on how to survive (and thrive) any situation. Jenni’s been […]

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Garage Sale – Real Housewife foreclosure style

New Jersey Garage Sale (aka Teresa’s foreclosure)

Teresa Giudice, the Real Housewife of NJ foreclosure princess who is $11 million in debt, is selling the overblown monstrosity of a house for a few dollars shy of $4 million. But if that’s out of your budget, can I interest you in her grill, her boat, […]

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