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Happy Easter

Happy Easter! And Happy Passover! I’m going simple this year with my Easter eggs and putting the same color in vintage berry baskets (a garage sale find!) Are you having a hunt? Check out some simple (and cheap!) ideas from a vintage CBS appearance here. Now, some Easter humor: Q. What do you […]

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Life 101 – Pumpkin Carving!

‘Tis the season to craft your pumpkin! My fabulous friend Lizz Winstead and I take to the Howdini stage to show you the easiest of all pumpkin carving tricks. Here’s a Life 101 idea for fall: Go out this weekend and pick your self a pumpkin. I wish I could display the fantastic pumpkin […]

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American Fun – Corn Maze

Want some Fall fun? Have you ever tried your directional skills in a corn maze? My neighbor in the Catskill’s is Paul’s Farm. Every year, Farmer Paul (in Hurley, New York) creates corn maze brilliance and this year he’s outdone himself! He’s created The End of the World as per the Mayan calendar (Check […]

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Life 101 – Happy memories

I adore lovely reminders of the past. Growing up in South Carolina, my grandmother always had hydrangea in her yard, and at 90 (Happy birthday, Mom!), she still does. I’ve planted it strategically around Edgewater Farm, so I’m reminded of her. I also think of her when I bend down to pick up a […]

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Gardening 101 – Kale salad

Just harvested some kale, bok choy, and blueberries from the garden at Edgewater Farm and thought I’d share a simple salad that is probably the best thing you can do for your body. Kale, known as the “queen of greens,” is one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. It’s packed with antioxidant vitamins […]

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Gardening 101 – Radishes

I just harvested my first crop at Edgewater Farm this season: radishes. I know some people have quite the aversion to radishes, but they are good for you! Radishes are high in vitamin C and a great detoxifier, which helps prevent many types of cancer including; kidney, stomach, mouth and colon cancers. They’re great […]

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Gardening 101 – Vineyards

I believe that everyone should be growing something… (besides older!) Here’s why: a plant teaches you moderation (not too wet, not too dry), offense & defense (cayenne pepper to ward off nibblers), patience (slow growers) and payoff (flowers and fruit anyone?) Scott and I planted a vineyard at Edgewater Farm two years ago and […]

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Gardening 101 – Forget-me-nots

They may be the flower with the hard to remember name, but the show they put on is a sea of electric blue. Medieval legend has it that a knight and his lady were walking along the river and he picked a posy of flowers for her. The weight of his armor toppled him […]

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Gardening 101 – Back up plans

When I was a kid, I sang, “Here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush. Here we go round the mulberry bush, on a cold and frosty morning.” Yep, I sang it as an adult, too,… until this year when, rather than springing to life, my weeping mulberry seems […]

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Gardening – Potting geraniums

Now, that I’m officially finished with my book tour… (Have you gotten your copy yet?!) … I can get to some serious gardening at Edgewater Farm. For me, gardening is the ultimate therapy. If you’re upset, you can aggressively yank some weeds. And if you’re happy, you can talk nicely to the flowers. Despite […]

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