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Saling 101 – Curating treasures

Every Saturday morning of the summer you’ll find me tooling about town with a cup of coffee and pocketful of ones to see what I might find at garage sales. One of the greatest joys of “saling” is putting the pieces of the puzzle together–collecting and curating–to give something a look. At left is the wall of my clubhouse. It’s filled with FUN from fishing rods and horseshoes, to badminton and costumes. All of which I bought one at a time for dimes on the dollar at garage sales. That’s how I think we can find our individual style–what we love–without breaking the bank. As I chronicle in Garage Sale America, I decorated the house at Edgewater Farm from bed frames to teaspoons for less than $5000. All it takes to bring a look to life is some creative thinking, a few bucks, and a Saturday cruise around town. My Life 101 advice: Get out there and hunt for your treasure! You’ll find fun in the process. If you don’t believe me, grab Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer’s I Brake for Yard Sales. She shows her design brilliance and how she decorated Kathy Griffin’s gorgeous house!

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