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Garage Sales – New economy

My garden cart is a garage sale find. I adore it and think it has so much more character than something new out of the box. I think with the economic times we find ourselves in ($5 gallon gas!) and all the talk about being “green,” this summer will see more garage sales than ever before. I’m betting that people will also drop some of the hand-me-down stigma when it is finally realized that you’re giving a second life to something somebody no longer needs or wants, and by buying at a garage sale, you’re buying with cash you really have. Most garage sale shopkeepers don’t accept credit cards.
Check out this interview I did with Jay Levin at The Record in Northern Jersey. Headline: Garage sales are becoming a necessity for many struggling homeowners. My Life101 tip: Get your stuff out of self-storage and make some money on it!

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