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Dinner Party Talk – For your weekend

New Year, New Woes. The Tragedy in Tucson was a gut puncher for the first week in the New Year. What concerns me is that after the crazy man’s rampage, one-day sales of handguns in Arizona jumped 60 percent over the previous year. Instead of curbing sales, the tragedy has sent the shooter’s “Glock” semi-automatic flying off the shelves! Here’s my 2 cents: 1) Why does anyone need a semi-automatic that can fire hundreds of shots in a minute? 2) The heroes in this episode should remind us all of what this country stands for.
15 minutes. Happily, the first week of the year also brought us the Golden Voiced homeless man, Ted Williams. We cheered him on and celebrated his story. Sadly, he was picked up this week by the LAPD after a heated, raised voice, altercation with this daughter. He claims his daughter got violent. She says, “oh, no I didn’t” (in a voice she obviously got from her mother.) Neither wanted to press charges. He was released and immediately headed to rehab.
Political rumblings. Donald Trump was so bothered by President Obama wearing flip-flops that he’s tossing his hair into the 2012 presidential race. “I don’t like it. I don’t think that is what the president is supposed to be representing. You will not see me wearing flip-flops.” He will, however, be wearing that hair on the Republican.
Weiner dog alert! According to the Doxie Lovers Club, the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (who knew?!) is looking for 400 dachshunds for a study on common back/spinal problems. A dachshund getting his back cracked?! That’s wacked!
Icky poo. A new British study has found that ATM keypads have as much illness-causing bacteria as a public toilet. Oh, great! Something else to worry about. Since I need cash as much as I do toilet paper, forget the gun. I’m packin’ Purell!
Now, eat your dinner and stay warm!

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