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Dinner Party Talk – Good people places & things

Simple idea. Pass along only good things this week.

Here’s an idea for your morning: this week join me in passing along news about good people, places & things. Use your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, letter to grandma, or just a smile to make someone else’s day better. Maybe we’ll start a trend. Here’s […]

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Life 101 – Mailing Veggies

Some of my harvest…on the way to Grandma’s house.

One of my favorite traditions is my annual overnight delivery of my first batch of veggies to my octogenarian grandparents in South Carolina. Every bit of the process is a delight, from anxiously waiting for the first blush of tomato red, the joy of […]

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Dinner Party Talk – Turtles

Turtles probably aren’t the most talked about members of the animal kingdom (you know, no fangs or huge claws, and they’re soooo slow…) but this video of turtles helping each other out is one of the most inspiring animal clips I’ve seen. Your takeaway: Lend a helping hand. Just one little good deed might […]

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