Bruce in Woman’s World Mag

Hello ladies! (And gents.) Grab yourself a copy of this week’s Woman’s World magazine and catch some of my advice on how to make money selling the stuff out of your attics, basements and closets. (Yes, you know the stuff you haven’t used since Bush, Sr. was president.) Did you know that 1 out of 10 American families is paying a monthly fee to store their extra stuff! Why? I hope it’s not so they can see their belongings auctioned off on Storage Wars! In this economy, who needs to pay to keep it? Instead it’s time your stuff pays you! I give Garage Sale Tips like:
Bundle books & DVDs. Instead of selling them separately, mark them “3 for x”. Rather than taking just 1, people will likely buy 3.
In the great article put together by writer Kristina Mastrocola, I also tell you the secrets of setting up a $1 Table and the key words on a sign that attract hoards. Grab yourself a copy… and throw yourself a sale. I’ll come buy.

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