Gossip – New Yorker at Sundance

Live from snowy Sundance Film Festival!

Snow, snow, snow. Traffic jams. Gorgeous people. And MOVIES! Have taken over quaint Park City. This year the swag is down and the quality of movies is up. Conversation around town is abuzz at the outstanding crop of cinema. I’m with the ever-fun Barbara Corcoran (#Sharktank). After the screening of Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu’s film, “Pumzi,” she said “nature is for the privileged.” Her stunning short film is the story of a botanist who risks her life to nurture a plant 35 years after WWIII (the water war). After her beautiful film, we suffered through “Saint Louis Blues,” a Glee-wannabee road-trip through the clogged streets of Senegal. Singing and dancing in taxis. Blech! After it, I did a song and dance routine through the Yarrow Hotel straight for cocktails. More soon. I’m skiing Deer Valley in the morning. Wherever you are, catch a movie this weekend.

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