Life 101 – #Happy Day

Hey, did you know it is impossible to kiss your own elbow?
What a week! I hope yours was good. You know what I’m holding? Yes, my books, but something more. My 2nd Grade teacher sent me a package of all my books and asked for me to sign them for her! I’ve been working hard on a variety of projects (from my books to, shhh… between us, an exciting TV project) and what a feel good morale booster it was to get her note! Gave me a Life 101 tip: send someone a handwritten note telling them why you’re happy they’re in your life. It will be the best gift of their week, I assure you.
Listen to this interview I did for The Bedtime Book for Dog on NPR’s Roundtable. I had a great (and funny) time with Joe Donahue. I think he liked my answer to what makes a lifestyle expert… Here’s to FUN! PS. 87% of the people who read this blog tried to kiss their elbow.

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