For his critically acclaimed Garage Sale America, Bruce packed $1000 in ones and set off in a truck on a cross-country adventure to find everything America loves to buy, sell and collect. What he found is pure delight – treasure, fun people, and great stories. Book includes design tips and a glossary of major sales across America.

“A voyeuristic adventure…irresistible fun.” – Los Angeles Times

“Chock-full of amusing anecdotes, photographs and tips for both buyers and sellers.” – Bloomberg News

“Take a bargain-hunting trip with American kitsch expert and anthropological voyeur Bruce Littlefield”
– Press Telegram

Airstream Living explores the silver American icon and the adventures of owners around the world who’ve decorated their sleek, metallic gems in styles ranging from simple to opulent, retro-chic to western. The book also includes practical advice from where to buy to fanciful retrofitting.

“Perfect for daydreamers.” – People Magazine

“A piece of American history.”
– NBC’s Today Show

“This compendium is essential.” – Booklist

Merry Christmas, America! discovers that very town has that house that outdoes itself at Christmas. Bruce knocks on the doors of the elves who spend mind-boggling amounts of time and money transforming their houses and yards into unique Christmas fantasylands that are spectacles of individual expression and must-see destinations for the rest of us. The fun is infectious. Includes tips on decorating and a state by state guide of the best displays.

“Eye-popping and over the top.” – CBS Early Show

“Critic’s pick.” – USA Today

“Bruce takes us along for the ride.” – NBC Today Show

This book will inspire your life. The story of Barbara Corcoran’s rise to the top–from a diner waitress to the owner of a billion dollar business all thanks to the unconventional lessons she learned from her mom. After reading this book, you’ll face life (and any obstacles) with a smile on your face.

“A practial, funny compendium of advice that should stick with any reader.” – USA Today

“A likeable and worthwhile book, an honorable contribution with heart.” – Publishers Weekly

“Part memoir, part rough guide to business and 100 percent in-your-face glee.” – Working Mother

The inspiring true story of Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran–and her best advice for anyone starting a business. After failing at twenty-two jobs, Barbara Corcoran borrowed $1,000 from a boyfriend, quit her job as a diner waitress, and started a tiny real estate office in New York City, which she gradually built it into a $6 billion dollar business. From the star of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank,
Shark Tales is down-to-earth, frank, and as heartwarming as it is smart.

“The book offers details of her dizzying rise from dyslexic D-student growing up with nine siblings in Edgewater to queen of Manhattan real estate.” -People

“A practical, funny compendium of advice that should stick with any reader.” -USA Today

“I love this book.” -Judge Judy

Lis Wiehl shares her knowledge as a lawyer and news commentator (and the daughter of an FBI agent) to help you sort through the lies and get to the truth. When you tell the truth and can get the truth from others, you are well liked and respected and your life is happier. This book will help you become the best, most powerful person you can be by using one uncomplicated tool—the Truth Advantage.

“Whether you are a prosecutor or parent, Lis Wiehl thoughtfully and thoroughly provides the tools to extract the truth precisely, deliver the truth with bold kindness, and receive the truth with dignity.” —Elisabeth Hasselbeck, ABC News contributor, co-host of The View, and bestselling author of The G-Free Diet

“This powerful book helps you talk the talk and walk the walk. I wish I had the Lie Detector when I was ferreting out the truth as a young investigative journalist.” —Rita Cosby, Emmy Award–winning TV journalist and bestselling author of Quiet Hero

The Bedtime Book for Dogs is a charming story about a dog who decides that he’d rather walk to the park by himself than wait for his human companion-and discovers that all of his usual activities aren’t as much fun without a good friend to share them with. This is an adorably packaged book with illustrations by Paul Heath that makes a perfect gift for dog lovers of all ages, with words dogs will understand and kids will want to read again and again.
“The book, a simple story about a good dog who decides to walk himself because his companion is too busy, is charming, adorably illustrated, and… well, genius.”Pet Home Magazine

Same-sex marriage has been a defining—issue in our country in recent years, and Wahls speaks to that, but also to a broader issue. Sure, he’s handsome and athletic, an environmental engineering student, and an Eagle Scout. Yet, growing up with two moms, he knows what it’s like to feel different and to fear being made fun of or worse. In the inspirational spirit of It Gets Better edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller, My Two Moms also delivers a reassuring message to same-sex couples, their kids, and anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider: “You are not alone.”

This hilarious expose on relationships and renovation shows that no matter same or opposite gender there’s one in every couple who likes to make things look pretty and one who’ll walk across a newly cleaned kitchen floor in muddy shoes to see the results. MOVING IN features the tale of Bruce and Scott’s freshman year of happy homemaking, during which time they: learn how to operate a lawnmower and that they shouldn’t; debate whether to go to the emergency room after their 1929 oven burns off Bruce’s eyebrow; invite a fugitive over for a beer; and almost strangle each other with Christmas lights.

As they say, marriage is made in heaven, but then again, so is thunder, lightning, and hail. This book is fun from cover to cover and will definitely make you feel better about your own relationship. Grab yourself a glass of wine and settle in to your side of the bed for a good read. But be warned, you’re about to be told to keep the laughter down.

The Sell

The nation’s #1 real estate broker and charismatic costar of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York shares his secrets on how to be successful. In the ten years since moving from Sweden to New York City, with no experience in real estate and no contacts, Fredrik Eklund has transformed himself into the best seller in the most competitive real estate market on the planet. In The Sell, Eklund leverages his years of experience to create the go-to manual for self-promotion and sales. At the core of the book are chapters tied to Eklund’s 10-step program for “selling anything to everyone,” and he shares his secrets on everything from personal authenticity and looking your very best to crafting the perfect sales pitch, negotiating with savvy, and closing deals

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