Pet fun – Letter to Wes

Westminster is now getting fan letters… like this one today:
Dear Wes,
Please tell your Dad that my Mom was so excited when The Bedtime Book for Dogs arrived. She acted like it was Christmas morning. As soon as she opened it she said, “we can’t wait, we have to read it now”. So we immediately sat down together. I was so eager to hear about our surprise that I was grinning ear-to-ear. She oohed and aahed all over the drawings of the dogs and said, “Paul really knows how to capture their expressions”!
Mom began reading the book and said, “Come”, but I was already there so I wagged my tail and smiled. Then she said, “stay” so I did. I wanted to hear more. Mom read, “treat”. Wow did that make my ears stand up. She turned the page and read, “good dog” and I licked her and she started to laugh and said something about this book really works!
Thanks Wes for inspiring your dad to write the first ever book for dogs. I hope we get to read it every night. I love The Bedtime Book for Dogs and give it my enthusiastic lick of approval!
Your friend, Kirby (furry son of Linda Blick,
PS: I was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia. I heard you came from the streets of New York City in front of the Westminster show. And now we have great families how love us. How sweet is that!

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