RIP – World’s Oldest Yard Saler

As we end the year, I received sad news. My dear friend, Wini Williams, passed peacefully in her sleep at the age of 96. Wini was featured in my book Garage Sale America as the “World’s Oldest Garage Saler” and was seen with me on several of my Today show garage sale adventures. (That’s Wini at left admiring the spread on her in the book.)
Wini always drove a hard bargain! And she always knew how to spot a treasure. On one of my visits to her shop, a little garage she built with her own hands, a gentleman came in and began clanking around through her pile of Griswold frying pans.
“How much is this?” he asked, holding up a particularly well seasoned pan.
“What do you want to offer me?” Wini asked.
“Five,” he said.
“You think I’m stupid,” she cracked. “I’ll take ten.” And with that the deal was done.
I’m sure she’s currently making a deal on the Pearly Gates.

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