Quick Fixes – Party Decorations

This post is packed with good advice. This week, I volunteered to decorate a restaurant for my friend Barbara Corcoran’s son’s graduation party.
Advice #1: Check out ABC’s Shark Tank stars advice for entrepreneurs. I may be biased, but I think Barbara’s is the best.
Advice #2: If you need something done, always ask a busy person. Busy people get it done.
Advice #3. If you need unique party ideas on the fly, head to a craft store. Anytime I get to race around Michael’s (discount coupons here), I feel like a contestant on a reality show, waiting for Tim Gunn to say “time’s up designer.” Yesterday, a bin filled with wood block letters inspired the party decor. I got “T”s for Barb’s son Tommy. (And a “B” for me.) I used the “T”s to weight down bunches of blue helium balloons at every table and hung Columbia U. pennants on the walls. It was easy, inexpensive and festive. Added bonus: Tommy kept the “T”s and the pennants for his dorm room. Life 101 Tip: Great decorating doesn’t require a lot of time or money, it just takes a little imagination.

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