Gardening 101 – Vineyards

I believe that everyone should be growing something… (besides older!) Here’s why: a plant teaches you moderation (not too wet, not too dry), offense & defense (cayenne pepper to ward off nibblers), patience (slow growers) and payoff (flowers and fruit anyone?) Scott and I planted a vineyard at Edgewater Farm two years ago and have been learning about tending grapes ever since. (At left, Westminster helps me replace a vine that didn’t benefit from that education.) Grapes require a lot of the patience part: young vines must grow for several years before they are strong enough to support fruit. So sadly, I’ve been out every weekend nipping them in the bud. It will be a few years before we make our first bottle of wine. But hey, in the meantime, I’ll just sip on the fruit of other peoples’ labors! And look to Amazon to order my age defying resveratrol! Hey, #Didyouknow that grapes are the most widely grown fruit in the world and unlike most fruit crops, grapes are native to North America? Learn something new everyday, don’tcha?!

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