Gardening – Potting geraniums

Now, that I’m officially finished with my book tour… (Have you gotten your copy yet?!) … I can get to some serious gardening at Edgewater Farm. For me, gardening is the ultimate therapy. If you’re upset, you can aggressively yank some weeds. And if you’re happy, you can talk nicely to the flowers. Despite the insanity of life, the early warm weather kindly helped me get things at the farm ready for summer more quickly than usual. I got a new coat of paint sprayed on all the outdoor furniture and pots. (That urn is a garage sale find!) And, I’ve gotten all the containers planted with geraniums. I adore geraniums for two reasons: #1) They bloom all season long and #2) They are very forgiving to even the brownest of Thumbs.
One of my simplest, yet most important, Life 101 ideas: Plant something and take care of it. Your life will blossom along with it.

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