Gardening 101 – Forget-me-nots

They may be the flower with the hard to remember name, but the show they put on is a sea of electric blue. Medieval legend has it that a knight and his lady were walking along the river and he picked a posy of flowers for her. The weight of his armor toppled him into the river. As he was drowning, he threw the flowers to his love and shouted “Forget-me-not!” Um, how romantic. Well, on a brighter note they are the easiest flower to germinate around the garden. That’s my project for the weekend. Gardening 101: Seeds can be collected by putting a piece of paper under the stems and shaking. The seed pods and some seeds will fall out. Simply toss ’em around your garden. While you’ll forget, they’ll be back to delight you next year….unless you fall in the river.

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