Gardening – Forsythia

I think every yard should have some forsythia. I always look forward to its yellow blossoms ushering in spring, and am often found traipsing through February snow to cut branches to bring them inside and “force” them to open. Groundhog be damned! This year, I didn’t have any snow to contend with and the branches didn’t really have to be forced. It was more a gentle “nudge.” A week in water and LOOK! I have spring in my foyer and spring in my step!
Did you know??? The forsythia was discovered in China by a plant-hunter in the late 1700s. (Do we still have plant hunters?) Here’s my Life 101 gardening tip: If you plant forsythia, prune, baby, prune! Forsythia is a plant that needs to be tamed and kept in it’s place. Pruning it after it flowers will promote better branching and create more flowers in future years.

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