Good Hearted Fun – Cash Mobs!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most meaningful. Take bringing home flowers when it’s not Valentine’s or a birthday, but when the special occasion is pure LOVE. We’ve had flash mobs at Grand Central, we’ve had senior citizen flash mobs at Target… but now we have CASH MOBS! We all want to make a positive impact in our community right? Well, bring on the mob! The idea here is to get people to go into small, local businesses and spend some money, en masse, giving an instant and direct economic stimulus. The only three rules: Spend $20; Meet three people you didn’t know before; and HAVE FUN!!! I can enjoy all three! This simple idea will help businesses grow, make people happy, and get a little something for ourselves. Did you know that a dollar spent locally gives a $10 impact to your community? Visit the Cash Mob site to find out how you can get involved.

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