When I Grow Up – Seattle Superhero

I always loved reading superhero comics when I was younger and fancying that I’d grow up to become one. My neighbor is probably still telling people how I always asked him to “hold my cape” (the Member’s Only jacket I draped over my shoulders and snapped around my neck). But what kid doesn’t want to believe in a hero with superpowers who stands for goodness and justice? Well, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman… move on over, because now there’s a real-life “superhero” on the block. Phoenix Jones is masked, costumed and fighting Seattle crime. (Too bad criminals recently broke his nose when he tried to stop a fight.) But Jones isn’t the only superhero roaming the streets trying to do good. There’s a whole bunch of them meeting in their Hall of Justice, a.k.a. The Real Life Super Hero Project. With names like The Vigilante Spider and Good Samaritan, who knows what these real-life superheros could be capable of! Oh, talk to you later, I’ve got my costume to sew!

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