Gossip! – Cindy’s back in town!

Yay! Cindy's well!

All summer long I said my prayers for Cindy Adams. The Post had ominously written on June 2 that “Cindy Adams is unwell.” It was worrisome. People whispered, is Cindy in a contract dispute? (I appeared in her last column on May 19 entitled “Nothing Fazes Wawa.” Was it something she said? I said?) Or was Cindy sick? (That sounds worse than unwell!) Cindy is New York! Her “Only in New York, kids. Only in New York” is a staple of New York life. But the headline today was Cindy is back! “Alive, well and taking notes!” God bless her doctors! Sounds like they brought her back from the abyss, saved by multiple surgeries and a “salad of meds surpassing whatever Lindsay Lohan might-ve once taken.” She said that her “5 foot 4 became their new passport to longer Wednesday-afternoon golf.” Welcome back, Cindy! We missed you. Keep taking notes, gorgeous!

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