Dinner Party Talk – For your weekend

Oprah’s Long Goodbye. The Big O has begun her swan song. In honor, go Oprah-fy yourself!
The VMAs (that’s Video Music Awards if you’re over 30) were suddenly popular this year. Lady Gaga made the political statement of the night by asking gay soldiers to escort her on the white carpet: Take that Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell!
Rafael Nadal won his first U.S. Open title to complete a career Grand Slam. But the Open didn’t seem to get quite as much attention this year as the World Cup. Maybe they need to allow the Vuvuzela.
Peer pressure! 85 percent of American adults now wash their hands in public restaurants—the highest number since studies began in 1996.
Catwalk alert. What kind of Schadenfreude society are we when the first model that falls in Fashion Week makes headlines? And then someone boasts: “No, we had the first faller!” and posts a video to prove it. I once fell off the runway during a Seventeen Magazine show. Landed in a Southern lady’s mint julep. Enjoy that Schadenfreuders!
Now, eat your dinner!

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