Dinner Party Talk – Starbucks Venti

Britney likes her a Venti Vanilla Frappuccino

English professor Lynne Rosenthal says she’s no Steven Slater. But she has achieved folk hero status among us coffee drinkers on the Upper West Side of NYC. The NY Post reported Monday that the 60ish phD would not comply with what she called Starbuck’s “linguistic fascism,” refusing to say “without butter or cheese” rather than “plain” for her toasted multi-grain bagel. The police were called and escorted her out. And she’s never going back! Which brings me to this: isn’t “small” “medium” and “large” good enough? The last thing I want in the morning is to have to perform verbal gymnastics in order to get the bagel I’m already paying double market value for! Let’s make things simple. The diner doesn’t require me to say “Adam and Eve on a raft” to get my eggs and toast!

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