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Holidays – Happy Easter

Happy Easter! And Happy Passover! I went simple this year with my Easter eggs. I like the look of the one color in the vintage berry baskets (a garage sale find!) I was happy making them and I’ll be even happier hopping around town delivering them. How’d your adventure in egg dying go this […]

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Life 101 – In 20 Years

Well, well, well… I had a computer glitch (trackpad gone bananas) and for the last five days have felt like a druggie without his fix! I’m back, but I’ll tell you being without my lifeline left me feeling anxious, agitated, and aged… like 20 years! Which brings me to today’s fun and games. If […]

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What’s Up With America?

A great publisher I worked with at Harper Collins, the great Joe Tessitore, told me shortly before his retirement that he considered me the “What’s Up With America? guy.” Along those lines, I thought I’d start a new series here at called “What’s Up With America” and feature the things that seem to […]

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Dinner Party Talk – For your weekend

Ah, November… After Snowtober, I’m expecting you, dear month, to be kind and gentle to us. I promise to spend your days finding things to be Thankful for. Hmmm, where to start? I’m going to be thankful I’m not one of the 45 million turkeys currently wiggling their wattles and awaiting their doom. Wattle. […]

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Dinner Party Talk – For Your Weekend

Rest in peace, Sherwood Schwartz. The 94-year-old creator of some of my favorite TV classics like Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island has taken a three-hour tour to heaven. God welcomed him with some rum punch in a coconut cup and a golden threaded hammock. Rest in peace, Betty Ford. The 93-year-old former First […]

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Life 101 – #Happy Day

Hey, did you know it is impossible to kiss your own elbow? What a week! I hope yours was good. You know what I’m holding? Yes, my books, but something more. My 2nd Grade teacher sent me a package of all my books and asked for me to sign them for her! I’ve […]

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Life 101 – Send a Ball

Congratulations to my pal Barbara Corcoran and the other rich sharks stars of ABC’s Shark Tank. They’re renewed for 17 new episodes. Have the next billion dollar idea? Get your idea on by going to casting here. Last season’s pitchers, Michele Kapustka sent me a ball in the mail. Literally, the postlady delivered it! […]

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Happy Memorial Day

Today, like you, I pause to salute those who have served this country so that we may live free. I’m thankful for their bravery and their willingness to put themselves on the line for others. In tribute to all our veterans and service men and women (and Westminster reminds me of military service dogs […]

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Dinner Party Talk – For your weekend

Are you reading this? If so, it may be before 6 p.m. on Saturday when Harold Camping, radio broadcaster and president of the Family Stations ministry, says the world is going to end. If it’s after 6 p.m. Saturday, oops, Harold was wrong again. He previously predicted the world was going to end in […]

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Life 101 – Drink up

The gift for the real wino in your life.

I’m not sure what to say about this latest wine drinking aid. I almost decided to just present it without comment and tell you to go to Amazon and order yourself two. But what I NEED to know is why not just grab the bottle […]

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