Holidays – New Year’s Opossum Drop

What are YOU doing for New Year’s? Forget Snooki in a ball, especially now that it’s been moved to Jersey! Instead, how about ringing in the #NewYear with North Carolina’s infamous “Opossum Drop.” Yep, you’ve read correctly. In Brasstown, NC, (on the NC-TN-GA tri-state border) they drop an opossum at midnight*. (*Note: I’m told the opossum is not actually “dropped”, it is “lowered with great care” and treated with respect so as “not to inflict any injury or traumatize God’s creature of the night.”) The happy event takes place at “Clay’s Corner,” the self-proclaimed Opossum Capital of the World, and begins with a blessing and singing of church songs, followed by a ceremony so exciting Dick Clark is considering sending Ryan Seacrest** south! (NOTE: **Ryan will remain in NYC and has suggested Kathy Griffin for the event.)

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